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SOCK for Your Firm

Competition too stiff in your domestic market? Find out what funding options are available to enable your firm to expand into new twin-spiresmarkets with minimum cost.

Looking to import/ export your product but have no idea how to overcome the language barriers?

Seek professional help in getting your brand name across through specialized localization.

wpid-Featured_Picture39-620x410SOCK for the Working Adult

Seeking greener pastures in Singapore, Korea, Japan or China?

Learn what it takes to make the move and relocate.

Find out how to start or switch your career paths.

SOCK for Students nE6neNVdRPSIasnmePZe_IMG_1950

Crazy about K-pop or J-culture? Want to go out and see the world but have no idea where to start?

Thinking of doing a gap year or studying overseas? We can help tailor the options available to your needs, smooth out the application process.

Find out what scholarship / financial aid options are best suited to your needs.

 SOCK for Travel Enthusiasts & Budding Entrepreneurs


Wondering if you could make solo backpacking happen smoothly? Looking for a no-hassle luxurious vacation that won’t break the bank?

Doing a pre-entry market research but no idea where to start?

Talk to us to find out how you can plan your travel to Korea, Japan, China and Singapore wisely.

Find creative ideas to incubate for your own business.

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