We are passionate about smoothing out all sorts of barrier to entry (language, information, social culture differences,  business etiquette) for the East Asian market (or for East Asians, to the Singaporean market).

Did you know that Koreans are obsessed with socks?

Seven years ago , our founder first stepped into Kimchi-land as a wide-eyed Singaporean and realized this really endearing yet quirky fact. She often wondered why people kept mentioning how she didn’t have socks on in multiple occasions and another fellow exchange mate had her bare leg playfully slapped by an “ahjumma” insisting that the former must be “cold” whilst riding on the subway.

The “need” to stay warm and how being barefooted in an establishment or an acquaintance’s home is considered impolite really sparked off the culture intrigue within her.

Seven years later, the exhilarating roller coaster ride of studying as an exchange student in the prestigious Korea University Business School, juggling a Masters (International Commerce) degree in Korea University Graduate School of International Studies and internships after internships (SK Telecom, SK Holdings, Shinhan Bank, KOPRA) in starkly different industries (Telecommunications, Oil, Banking, Non-profit, Beauty & Cosmetics) and then working full time doing Global Marketing & Global Account Managing in the big Korean names (Samsung, LG, THEFACESHOP) made our founder feel that she should share the “how-to” secrets in studying for free (scholarships), landing the perfect job overseas (resume building and job search), sussing out potential “money-spinner” consumer products for export-import trade and finally, little tips that allows the jet-setting traveler to save buckets whilst traveling all over the region.

Let’s SOCK it up!kimchi socks